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Heat Exchanger Tubes
Heat Exchanger Tubes

Tube Tech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Finned Cooling Coils / Fin Cooling Coils in various forms and shapes for direct applications in different types of heat exchangers. The Finned Cooling Coils / Fin Cooling Coils materials. While manufacturing Finned Coils / Fin Coils, we produce Medium and High Fin Tubes are with fin density of 11 Fins per inch and Fin Depth of 2.5 mm and above in straight lengths. These finned tubes / fin tubes are then used for making Finned Coils / Fin Coils as per customer’s specific requirements.

As per the specific requirements of our esteemed clients, we also customize cooling coils in our in house design facility for different applications. These cooling coils exhibit high thermal conductivity and are compact in design and thus save cost and assembling space. Finned Cooling Coils are generally fabricated in tube diameter of 15.9 mm & 19.05 mm. Finned Cooling Coils can be fabricated in single layer wound, double layer wound OR triple layer wound with single OR double start as per the requirement.

Standard Dimensions :

• Tube OD: Minimum 12.70 mm, Maximum 19.05 mm

• Tube Thickness: 1.65 mm and 2.11 mm

• Fin Density: 11 Fins per inch /19 Fins per inch / 23 Fins per inch / 26 Fins per inch

• Developed Length: Up to 11 Mtrs

• Material MOC: 12200, 12000, 70600 etc

  • • For Fin parameters and surface area chart of Finned Cooling Coils, please contact us.
  • • Finned cooling coils with diameters and fin density other than mentioned above, can be produced on request.
  • • Finned Cooling Coils are supplied in annealed – stress relieved condition. We have inhouse automatic – self feeding electric annealing furnace for annealing.
  • • Finned Cooling Coils Tubes are supplied with deburred / smooth ends.
  • • All Finned Cooling Coils are hydro tested at desired pressure after finning & Coiling operation to ensure defect free products.

End Application

Gas fired boilers, oil coolers, air coolers for diesel engines, process coolers etc.

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