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Tube Tech manufactures enhanced surface tubes which include: Integral Low Fin Tubes, Medium Fin Tubes and high Fin Tubes with or without internal ridges, Copper Fin Tubes, Admiralty Brass Fin Tubes, Stainless Steel Fin Tubes, Carbon Steel Fin Tubes, Turbo Chill Tubes, Corrugated Tubes, End Cross Tubes, Internally enhanced fin tubes, Finned Cooling Coils, Finned U Bent Tubes etc for a wide spectrum of customers and uses state of the art facilities and constant and sustained research in emerging cutting edge techniques to consistently create high quality products at hard to beat prices.

Tube Tech ensures adherence to the respective standards and caters to specific customer's requirements. Our products are always in the upper range of expected quality, aggressively priced and coupled with excellent service.

The mechanical and dimensional characteristics of our products satisfy the most demanding orders that require tight tolerances. No wonder we have an impeccable record of customer satisfaction and our customers rest assured in the knowledge that while we do everything we can, to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction we are ourselves never truly satisfied, a characteristic which is the prime mover in spawning bigger bolder better products for our customers today and tomorrow.


The philosophy of creating bigger bolder better products has its roots directly in the age old mantra of customer is king.

We want to

  • • Create winners out of our customers by maximizing customer ROI
  • • Create winners out of our customers by maximizing customer ROI

Our goal is to give our customers the best for quality & price and provide unparalleled service and support on an ongoing basis. We strongly believe that the benefits of cost saving thru innovative practices must translate into maximizing profits for the customer.
We do this by creating and replicating best business practices aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership.


Quality has brought prosperity to Tube Tech. High product quality is an absolute priority for us and this constitutes a competitive advantage as it sets us apart from our competitors and hence makes a significant contribution towards securing and extending our market position. A determination to settle for nothing less than excellence is the foundation on which our company operates. Our stringent quality practices ensure that every product meets the industry's highest production standards. The products and services we offer not only meet the quality requirements of our customers but actually exceed them.


It is the stringent regime of quality controls and procedures established at Tube Tech that gives its products the critical advantage in the industry. Strict process requirements and continuous monitoring throughout the production process minimizes the range of possible deviations in the final output. The works have been equipped with reliable testing and measuring equipment for destructive and non destructive testing.



The flaring test serves to establish the forming behavior of tubes or pipes which is expanded to a specific degree. This flaring test is carried out in conformity with the code requirements. The specimen to be tested is expanded in a press to the degree specified. Defects which occur as result of this process are not permissible.


Samples from each lot are tested to ensure that the hardness of the tube is within permissible limits.


The tensile test specimen serves to determine the strength and ductility characteristics i.e. yield strength, tensile strength and elongation. Tensile tests are normally carried out at room temperature according DIN, ASTM, BS, and other common standards.


Flattening test mainly serves to detect microscopic internal and external flaws. It involves compressing a tube section between two planes placed parallel to a predetermined distance. Incipient cracks and internal or external defects which occur as result of this process are not permissible.



Each and every tube produced at Tube Tech passes through the Eddy Current Test Head to check and eliminate the possibility of any surface defects on the tubes and ensure that only flawless tubes are sent for further operations like Finning, Bending etc.


All tubes and pipes produced at Tube Tech are compulsorily subjected to 100% hydro testing. Hydrostatic Testing can be carried out at pressures upto 70 kg /cm sq. The test pressure is achieved using high pressure Triple Plunger pumps. If specified, customers or their deputed inspection agencies can witness 100% hydro testing at our plant


For thin wall tubes Pneumatic Testing (Air under water) is done at up to 450 psi air pressure to check for any leakages in the tube.


Dimensions of the Finned Tubes such as Fin Depth, Root Diameter, Thickness of Fin, Root Wall Thickness and Wall Thickness under Fins are checked with Profile Projector.


All products at Tube Tech are subjected to 100% visual inspection.


We welcome inspection of our product quality and its adherence to the given standard from any Third Party Inspection Agency. We regularly work with inspection agencies like BVIS, TUV, IRS, QUEST, ICS, NCS, LloydÂ’s etc.


Because we have:

  • • Consistency and cost effectiveness.
  • • A yearn of specialization and total commitment to quality.
  • • Unrelenting thrust towards continuous quality improvement..
  • • Customer based culture with clear accountability and strong performance managements.
  • • A blend of experience and technical expertise that is unsurpassed.