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Fin Tubes

Finned Tubes / Fin Tubes helps in enhancing the surface of tubes which are used in a wide variety of heat transfer and thermal management applications. The beauty of the Finning process is that the finning operation can be interrupted at any point of the given tube. The unfinned tube sections (both at plain ends & intermediate landing) make it possible to support and fit these finned tubes in shell and tube heat exchangers in the same way as plain tubes.

Tube Tech produces Finned Tubes with a wide variety of combinations with Finned / Fin Density ranging from 11FPI TO 48FPI with or without internal ridges. Tube Tech can provide intermediate landing as per requirement of customers.

Applications of Finned Tubes / Fin Tubes :
Finned Tubes are widely used inĀ 
• Oil and Gas Industry
• Petroleum Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Coils for Hybrid Cooling Tower
• Printing Machines
• Solvent Recovery
• Wood Industry
• Production of Surface Coating
• Cooling of turbine air intakes
• Food Inustry
• Textile production
• Paper Works
• Tanneries